Large Box of Fifteen Assorted Flavors

Large Box of Fifteen Assorted Flavors


Box of fifteen chocolates. An assortment from our Mexican and Mediterranean collections for those who want to discover some of our textures, flavors and aromas.

Café de Olla (Mexican Coffee), Jamaica (Hibiscus), Tamarindo Chile (Tamarind Chili), Rompope (Eggnog)*, Melcocha (Piloncillo Caramel & Peanuts), Mole Poblano, Praliné Libanés (Lebanese Praline), Rosas (Roses), Lavanda Vainilla (Lavender Vanilla), Aguacate Matcha (Avocado Matcha), Mole Poblano Cube and Cocada.

*Only available through the holidays.

Contains avocado, almonds and peanuts. 

Our chocolates are handcrafted; please allow up to 7 days for your item to be shipped.

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