Are these products natural?

Yes, all our products are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors.

How long can I keep my chocolates and how should I store them?

Because we don't use preservatives, our all-natural, fresh ganaches and fillings taste best within four weeks of their arrival, if the weather is 21ºC/70ºF or below.

Keep them stored in a dry and cool place below 18ºC/66ºF. Refrigerate if it's too hot. Take them out of the fridge and let them temperate for 15 minutes before eating them.

How are the chocolates shipped?

We take very good care of our chocolates and we look for the best weather conditions to ship your order, so they can arrive same and not melted.

What kind of chocolates are used?

We use dark, milk and white chocolate from Cacao Barry.

What is cacao content?

Is the percentage of cacao powder and cacao butter in chocolate. Generally a higher cacao powder content results in a more intense chocolate flavor and lower sugar content. 



What is fat bloom?

Cacao butter that migrates into the chocolate shell, this is a natural phenomenon that appears as a white-greyish bloom on the surface of the chocolate and will show on any chocolate product eventually. Certain factors accelerate the process. In itself, fat bloom doesn’t affect the taste of your chocolate directly or means the product went bad, but it simply doesn’t look appealing.

What determines the quality of chocolate?

The process begins with good cacao beans harvested upon maturity. The beans must be properly fermented, dried, roasted, crushed, and conched. Care and attention to detail to each process controls the quality of the finished product. High quality chocolate breaks cleanly and melts uniformly. Chocolate should feel satiny and melt into a lingering velvety finish.                                       

"All our products are manufactured in a facility that processes nuts, eggs, avocado and dairy."

"Our chocolates are not vegetarian, nor vegan".

"Our chocolates are gluten free".

“Our salsas and moles are vegan and gluten free”.