With passion for SWEETS AND MEXICAN Cuisine

Ricardo Bremer, a Mexican culinary and pastry artist. From an early age he wasn't interested in playing with cars, action figures or mud, unless it was to create non-edible cakes, chocolates, pastries and food related figures. 

His love for food comes from his mother's and grandmother's background.
His grandmother, a Lebanese descendent who would cook Tabbouleh, Kibeeh and Bremer's favorite Baklava in every family gathering. Bremer's home has been filled with the smell of cakes, desserts and sweets since he can remember. His mother, a baker, who owns a cake shop back in his hometown was the one who introduced him to the world of flour, butter, chocolate, nuts and all that magic.

Currently Bremer is experimenting with different ingredients that are commonly used in Mexican cuisine. While thinking outside the "chocolate" box he adds exceptional flavors to the already usual sweet chocolate we are all used to.